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Computer Age: how living has become much easier

In this contemporary age, computer is being used in virtually all walks of life. we find computerized devices everywhere around us, ranging from our homes to our work places, and in everything and places we go.

All of our gadgets and appliances at home are computerized or simply put...digitalized. Our washing machines, liquid dispensers, electric cookers, microwaves, ovens, Television sets, decoders to mention but few...are all compuerized electronic devices.

Interesting, right?

The stress and inconveniences of queueing up in the bank for your bank transactions is solved with the use of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) , mobile money and online banking system.

Computer at work!

Oneline businesses, home delivery services and other business transactions are possible with the use of computers. This saves you the stress of going to the markets, malls, boutiques because, just with a click on the Computer in the comfort of your home, gives you whatever you want....

 Isn't that awesome?

You can even pay for what you bought through the POS!

Business men take stock of their products and also record sales using the computer! Very easy and saves time too!

Oh! Post Offices are becoming obsolete...Sending and receiving messages are done using electronic mails through internet, voice and video calls, social networking sites such as Facebook,  Twitter,  Whatsapp,  Blackberry Messenger and so on!

That reminds me, do you know that the phone you have in your hand is a micro computer or rather handheld computer?
yes it is.

In fact, In all aspects of life computer is utilized.

 In the hospital no more manual card system, diagnosis are easy with computers!

In schools, Computer Assisted instruction methods are used making teaching and learning easy and interesting.

Even in farming system, farmers utilizes computers for inventories, record keeping, stock taking and so on!

Indeed computer makes our work easier and faster!

We are really in a computer /digital age!

Easy and stress free life is possible today with our computers and computerized devices! 

We say are very big thank you to our ancestors in computing who made computers available to us.... 
Charle Babbage
Blaise Pascal
Joseph Jacquard
Herman Hollerith and others.
You really did great jobs.


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