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EARPHONES! Lagos female NYSC member confirmed dead after freak Ikeja train accident [Graphic Photo]

The victim,  simply identified as Corper Debbie

A National Youth Service Corps member has been confirmed dead after she was crushed by a moving train on Friday.

According to various reports, the lady – identified simply as Debbie – had both ears blocked with earphone and was pressing her phones while she walked.

Eyewitnesses claimed the train hooted and passersby tried to draw her attention but she was too distracted to mind them and walked directly into the path of the train.

The accident left her body seriously mangled.

An eyewitness account said,
“The train was not moving at a high speed. People tried to call her attention to the incoming train but she didn’t yield to the call as she continued pressing her mobile phone. 
“I was looking at her from where I stood and saw her with an earpiece plugged into her ears which made her unable to hear the sound of the oncoming train. 
“Many passers-by tried to pull her out of the rail line but she ran towards the moving train which crushed parts of her body.”
She was later rushed to the hospital for medical attention but she later died.

Confirming her death, the Lagos state coordinator of NYSC, Prince Mohammed Momoh, who had earlier announced that the corps member survived the accident, said that she died around 7 pm.

He said she died while receiving treatment at the intensive care unit of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital.

He said:

“We lost the corps member just now. I heard the neurosurgeon and the orthopaedic doctors said they would conduct further investigations on her. But regrettably, we lost her.”

Momoh commiserated with the family of the deceased corps member.

Please,  this goes to all youngsters out there.  If you want to use earpiece,  use it in the comfort of your homes or in your offices. You should not play music with your earpiece while walking on the streets. This is because,  just like you read above,  you may not be conscious of happenings around you,  especially when a car is hooting.

Stay safe.


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