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The 8 Truths About Hypnosis

Have you ever wondered how hypnosis really works? Maybe you’ve heard of someone who had a better
birthing experience through hypnotherapy, or someone who quit smoking after being hypnotized. But
why does this work, and what is involved? Today we’re going to cue you in on eight truths about
hypnosis that will give you a better understanding.
1: It Is Not Mind Control
Hypnosis is not mind control, but a way to tap into the subconscious mind. You can not be forced to do
anything you don’t want to and must be a willing participant for the process to work.
2: Hypnosis Requires Belief
To reap the most benefits, you must fully believe that your hypnotherapy will work. Going into a session
with thoughts of disbelief or ridicule will not allow your mind to relax. Instead, it will be on alert and will
stop you from falling into a hypnotic trance.
3: You Must Trust Your Therapist &the Process
You must not only believe hypnosis will work, but you must trust the process also. Feeling afraid or
anxious at first is normal, but those feelings must be overcome. Trusting your therapist is also vital. You
will be giving them a small amount of control over your thoughts, and while this is hard to do, finding
someone you trust will make the process easier.
4: Hypnosis Works Better When You Are Knowledgeable on the Topic
The more you know about hypnosis, the better it will work. This is because humans tend to fear what
they do not know. With knowledge, fear disappears, and you can reach your fullest potential.
5: Anyone Can Do Hypnosis, But Not Everyone Can Do It Well
Hypnosis can be done by anyone. It is not a huge secret, and you can even perform self-hypnosis. It
takes practice and education to do it well, however.
6: Positive Phrases Are Attached to Everyday Triggers
Positive phrases are correlated to everyday triggers to help keep the message of your hypnotherapy
fresh in your mind. For example, the therapist may state that every time you see the color blue, you will
remember how proud you are to be a nonsmoker.
7: You Don’t Have to Go to a Hypnotherapist
Although many people choose to see a professional hypnotherapist, this is not necessary. You can
practice self-hypnosis at home by utilizing recordings, videos, books, and articles on the subject
8: Hypnosis Can Change Your Life
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that we are all capable to using. It can help us overcome addiction, alter
negative thoughts into positive ones, and make momentous changes in the way we view ourselves.

You can use hypnosis to become the alpha male you’ve always wanted to be, or to stop self-sabotaging
thought processes. It can be used to quit an addiction, and generally make positive alterations in your
life. Now that you know these eight truths about hypnosis, and how it works, maybe you will use this
powerful tool to help you in your life.

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